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Our slates match traditional Cotswold slates. The seam of rock that Cotswold slates were originally quarried from is known as "Oolite". As shown on the map the Oolite seam runs from south west England up to the Humber, however its makeup changes the further north you go making it less useable as a roofing material.


Applications specifying Cardinal Slates have been approved in Conservation Areas by the following Planning Departments:-

  • Cotswold
  • Stroud
  • West Oxfordshire
  • Cherwell
  • Tewkesbury
  • South Warwickshire
  • Vale of the White Horse
  • North Wiltshire.

Cardinal Slates have also been approved for use on Grade 2 Listed Buildings.

Click on the map to see a more detailed view of the Oolite seam.

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