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Here at Cardinal Slates we've been perfecting the art of reproduction slate manufacturing since 1994.

Whilst renovating an old barn Richard Parsons, founder of Cardinal Slates, realised that there were no truly perfect copies of Cotswold roof slates on the market. From that moment on Richard's desire has been to create an unrivalled copy of Cotswold slates.

Our unique method of casting these reproduction slates in vertical rubber moulds enhances their strength and allows them to vary in shape in three dimensions so that they have a pleasing irregularity. We produce slates of twelve lengths in over 130 different moulds and hand colour each one to present a natural variation to the eye and smoothly diminishing courses.

With integrated nail holes and nibs, they're quickly laid on the roof, and because we supply them in high-quality steel crates with a generous allowance for breakages and cutting there's less time wasted on site.

You can download our brochure here. For architects and designers, here's our fixing spec and for those on a roof here's our on site guide.



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